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Holly Rae Blandford 
217.787.1595 ext.129

Director of Student and Family Services

  • Guidance Counselor : A-J, T-Z
  • International Student Coordinator
    Duel Credit , College Planning

My name is Holly Rae Blandford and I am the Director of Student and Family services here at SHG. My role as your guidance counselor is to help you have the best four years at SHG! I assist students with academic planning each year, which includes developing a schedule that will meet your academic goals. 

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Stacy Kolaz 
217.787.1595 ext.155

Guidance Counselor

Licensed Counselor
FACTS Reports Systems
Transcript Requests

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Trina Stremsterfer 
217.787.1595 ext.127
Guidance Counselor : K-S

Sangamon CEO
P4 Pipeline